Vulcanized Fibre is a Versatile Material

When it comes to finding a material that will be the perfect insulation for batteries or transformers, there are few competitors to vulcanized fibre. It’s an economically sound material that is easy to manipulate and form. This allows us to easily form it to fit any application. Beyond these two features, vulcanized fibre brings many more benefits to the table.

Vulcanized fibre has an innate dielectric strength, that when combined with our spiral-wound tubing process gives you an extremely durable product. It also has a high arc resistance and quenching characteristics, which makes it the perfect choice when dealing with electrical applications. It also withstands the elements well with a low water absorption and high humidity resistance. With this much versatility, vulcanized fibre can be used in some capacity for most industries.

Here at PPG, our team will sit down with yours and talk over your application and the requirements it demands. From there, we’ll be able to suggest the right material for the job, whether it’s vulcanized fibre or any of our other items.Contact us today to get started.

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