Vulcanized Fiber Tubing Made by the Experts in Tubing

Looking for an effective, low cost material to insulate your battery or transformer? Maybe the world’s oldest plastic can help. Searching for your ideal answer you find vulcanized fiber. There are many reasons to choose it.

Vulcanized fiber tubes have good mechanical and dielectric strength. Easily manipulated by machining, forming and spinning it combines with excellent arc resistant and quenching characteristics into one plastic material. Possessing low water absorption and resistance to high humidity conditions it has many typical uses. Vulcanized fiber can be used as a high voltage insulator, fuse tubes, reverse osmosis shells and more.

Whether your application needs vulcanized fiber or another material, Precision Products Group, Inc. can deliver. We tailor the solution to each customer matching design and need to an effective product. From small changes to an existing product, to a new custom made solution, we have the facilities to support your project. Contact PPG today and see what we can do for you.

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