Our Tube Capabilities are Second to None

Are you looking for a tube manufacturer with the capabilities to create just about any size, shape, or material type tube solution? You’ve found the right place. Here at PPG, we’ve got decades of experience in creating only the best tubing solutions for our clients. We use a spiral-wound process that yields extreme durability and strength. This allows our clients to rest easy knowing that their applications are in good hands.

We can create custom shapes, custom finishes, extruded tubes, heat resistant tubes, insulation tubes, and pretty much anything you can think of that’s tube related. We’re able to combine different material types as well. This leads to a tube that has the perfect strength and resistances for your application. In other words, we’ve got the capability to design and create any tube that you could need in just about any size.

Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need on all of our tubes and tubing capabilities. We’ve been in the business of creating the best tubes on the market for decades upon decades. We’re positive that we’ll be able to help you with your project, and we might even surprise you at how economical a partnership with PPG can be.

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