Trust Our Transformer Insulation Solutions

Don’t let poor transformer insulation affect its service life. Transformer insulation governs a transformer’s ability to deliver power safely and reduction of dielectric strength is vital. Precision Products Group (PPG) provides reliable solutions to improve transformer operation and lengthen service life.

One way we provide the required dielectric strength is with a spiral-wound tubing solution. Our rich background in plastic tubing and experience in mixing materials like dielectric Kraft, Nomex©, Cequin©, and vulcanized fibre means we can create the right transformer insulator for your product.

We take the time to understand you transformer’s characteristics including…

  • Average winding temperature rise.
  • Mass of the transformer core.
  • Expected service life of the transformer.

Our transformer insulation solutions can even reduce the dependence on varnish to maintain dielectric strength extending service life and reducing maintenance costs. Contact PPG to discover how we can help you.

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