Trust Our History of Nomex® Tube Solutions

There are many reasons to consider Nomex® tube solutions in automotive and other industrial applications. Well-known characteristics such as high temperature resistance and its inherent resistance to ordinary industrial bases and acids make it an ideal material when these are primary concerns.

Combine Nomex® tube and the production capabilities of PPG and you have an excellent partner and superior product rolled into one. Our history in spiral-wound tubing solutions spans decades and provides proof that we have what it takes to answer your tubing issues. Check out our Bulletin 9 Aramid Paper PDF for technical specifications.

When Nomex® can’t do the job on its own; we have extensive experience in combining aramid paper with a variety of materials to achieve a product tailored to your unique situation.

Tight tolerances, large production runs and custom solutions are just par for the course. Let our engineers design the Nomex® tube solution you need. Contact us today to get the tube rolling.

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