Transformer Insulation

At Paramount Tube we understand how important superior insulation is to transformer product safety. Our custom-designed transformer insulation tubing helps your product perform at peak efficiency throughout the service life of your equipment. We offer a variety of transformer insulation tube materials and sizes to provide high-quality insulation in different transformer applications. Request your custom quote today.

Bend-EZ®/Crepe Paper Tubing

  • Commonly used as lead insulation in oil filled transformers.
  • Spiral wound for increased durability, flexibility, and dependability.
  • Product design resists tearing and unraveling during installation.
  • Offered in a variety of standard and custom sizes.

Additional information can be found on the Bend-EZ® PDF.


Dielectric Kraft

  • Dielectric Kraft paper is the most economical non-alkaline, neutral material available.
  • The sturdy material has a tensile strength of 8000 psi and dielectric strength of 165v/mil.
  • The non-recycled paper combines dielectric strength with structural integrity.
  • It can easily be combined with other plastic films or substrates.

Complete technical specifications can be found in our Dielectric Kraft PDF.


  • Kapton® film, or polyimide film, offers superb electrical, physical and mechanical insulation.
  • It retains its resistance to radiation and dielectric properties through low and high temperature extremes and has high dielectric insulating tubing qualities.

Complete technical specifications can be found in our Kapton® PDF.


  • Insulating tubing of this high temperature, flame-resistant, nylon paper offers significant functional and economical advantages over present high-temperature, insulating sleeving.
  • Nomex® tubing will operate continuously at 220ºC in UL recognized systems. It does not support combustion and has excellent chemical and radiation resistance.

Complete technical specifications can be found in our Nomex PDF.


  • Phenolic paper is produced from a Dielectric Kraft paper that’s been pre-impregnated with a special phenolic resin and cured to the Class B stage.
  • These tubes are baked after forming to complete the resin cure.
  • The durable material features superior strength with thinner wall and holds dimensional stability in humid environments.
  • The material provides a high thermal barrier and is easy to work with.
  • It is often used as a cost-saving alternative to many types of aluminum, steel, or plastic tubing.

Complete technical specifications can be found in our Phenolic Paper PDF.


  • CeQUIN® is a cost effective insulator for use in electrical applications requiring dielectric strength, high temperature resistance and structural integrity. CeQUIN® can be used alone or as a wrap with other structural materials.

For more information about the materials, applications and benefits of our transformer insulation tubes, contact Paramount Tube.