Transformer Insulation Using Spiral-Wound Technology

Low quality transformer insulation can easily shave a lot of time off of your transformer’s expected service life. After all, the insulation determines its ability to move power safely. Thus, the dielectric strength is a vital factor in creating a proper solution. Lucky for you, we here at PPG have the years of experience needed to create the optimal insulation you require.

One of the best ways to attain the dielectric strength needed is by applying our time tested spiral-wound technique. With an assortment of materials such as Nomex, vulcanized fibre, Cequin, and dielectric Kraft, we can easily create the perfect transformer insulator for the application.

Let our engineers help you design the best transformer insulation for the desired operating temperature and expected temperature rise. From Class A to Class H insulation ratings we will create the proper insulating products using the materials previously mentioned.

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