Transformer Insulation Material Supplier

Chief among the design and construction parameters of power transformers are voltage rating and temperature. Solid support for the wire winding and effective electrical isolation is very important. Precision Products Group (PPG) has vast experience in proper transformer insulation tubing using a variety of materials. Whether your transformer insulation needs to be Class 105(A) to Class 180(H), we have the insulation techniques you demand.

Either in single material insulation or multi-material insulation solutions, our engineers will provide the sheet insulation best suited for your transformer application. Our spiral-wound tubing cores provide the support and strength needed to help prevent core collapse while winding. Using kraft paper, fish paper (vulcanized fibre), Nomex(r), Mylar(r) Cequin(r), and a host of other insulating materials we provide the voltage rating your transformer needs to achieve; along with operating in the required temperature range.

For more information on our transformer insulation capabilities, contact PPG today.

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