Thermal Protectors

Our thermal protective tubes serve as an electrical, thermal or mechanical insulator for your end product or application. We offer three UL Thermal Class insulations types for our insulation sleeves and insulation caps including Class B, F and H.


Paramount Tube thermal protectors are commonly made using:

  • PET
  • DMD
  • PEN
  • Nomex Aramid
  • A combination of the above materials

Sensors, Switches, Probes

Thermal protectors are often used in sensors, switches and probes that serve as an electrical safety device that interrupts the protected product’s electric current when heated to a specific temperature. When the critical temperature is reached, the sensor, switch or probe typically opens the circuit to cut off current and preserve the device it protects.

Thermal Cut-outs

This type of specialty thermal tubing is most commonly used to insulate metallic cut-outs in electric motors. Benefits include:

  • Reducing your heat transfer rate
  • Eliminating vibrations
  • Am expansible insulation tube that is able to return to its initial state after expansion