Thermal Media Cores Suited for Every Business

Thermal media cores are a vital component when it comes to retail, packaging, and shipping companies. We can create spiral-wound paper tubes that will be perfect for your digital printing, barcode ribbons, security ribbons, labeling ribbons, flexible packaging ribbons, and more. If you need to wrap paper around a central tube, we’ve got your solution.

We’ve had a lot of experience in creating these tubes, and we managed to create a solution that addresses problems that a lot of people were having. For example, the outer surfaces of the cores need to be smooth and blemish free. Otherwise, you’ll run into some problems when you wind the paper around them. Likewise, the inner surfaces need to be smooth so that the cores can be inserted onto and removed off of the cutting equipment as easily as possible.

Our thermal media cores are able to be of practically any width and length that you could need. The internal diameter can range from between .5” all the way up to 2”. The wall thickness can be a vast majority of sizes as well, starting at .006: and going to .175”. The lengths of the tubes can be started at .25” and extend up to a whopping 240”!

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with all your thermal media core needs.

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