Thermal Media Cores Filling every Need

There are quite a few machines and devices that utilize thermal media cores to get their tasks done. This includes bar code machines, RFID printers, and others. When you are putting together the roll of thermal media, you want to make sure that the core is of good quality so that it doesn’t impede the usage. Here at PPG, we’ve had a lot of experience in creating thermal media cores that meet the exact requirements of just about every application there is.

Whether you’re an OEM looking for a more economical supplier, or a firm looking to support legacy thermal media devices, Precision Products Group has you covered. We have the capabilities to create cores of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Creating an interior diameter between .5” and 2”
  • Wall thickness ranging from .006” all the way to .175”
  • Core lengths as small as .25” all the way to 240”

Contact us today for more information on how a partnership with Precision Products Group is the right call for all of your thermal media core needs. We’ll go over the variety of options you have available to you, the material types, and all of our other services. We’re sure that you’ll love what you find out.

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