Thermal Media Cores in Every Size

Are you in the business of providing companies with barcode ribbons, security ribbons, labeling ribbons, and other similar products? You need to have a good base thermal media core to wrap the ribbons around. If your core is of low quality, it’ll cause problems when the rolls are used out in the stores. No cashier wants to deal with a broken or jammed register. Here at PPG, we have the capacities and experience in creating some of the best, most economical thermal media cores available today.

Our cores come with all the standard features you’ve come to expect from your thermal media core provider. However, we also go above and beyond what most companies offer. We also are able to create our cores in an extremely large variety of sizes and diameters. This makes for the perfect fit for every application need. We can create an inner diameter between .5” and 2” with a wall thickness of anywhere between .006” and .175”. Length is no issue either, with our capabilities boasting anywhere between .25” and a whopping 240”.

If you’re looking for a thermal media core manufacturer who can provide you with more than just a simple tube,contact us today. Here at PPG, we’ve been helping companies for decades with their tubing needs and requirements. Put our unique spiral-wound process to work for you. Discover for yourself the PPG difference.

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