Thermal Media Cores Designed to your Specifications

When it comes to thermal media cores, you need to make sure that they’re designed tough and easy to use. After all, you’ll need to use them in barcode scanners, labelers, cash registers, and many more applications. This is why we work with you to discover your exact needs to come up with the perfect solution.

We can create your thermal media cores in all sorts of sizes. We can make the internal diameter anywhere from .5” to 2”, we can make the wall thickness from .006” up to .175”, and we can make the length of the tube as small as .25” all the way up to 240”.

The features that come with all of our high-quality media cores include:

  • Uniform wall thicknesses
  • Notched or plain ends on the pre-cut ones
  • Blemish-free outer and inner surfaces
  • High dimensional core tolerances

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us for more information on how our thermal media cores can help you.

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