Paper Core

The textile and packaging industries call on us for a variety of extruded plastic and spiral-wound paper tubes. These tubes provide the structural paper cores required in a number of applications:

  • Thread core
  • dental floss cores
  • thermal transfer ribbon cores
  • converter cores for paper, foils, and fabrics

We make our extruded support tubes to the precise diameter, wall, and length specifications required for automated winding and finishing operations. Common materials include styrene, HIPS, ABS, HDPE, and polypropylene. Friction coating can be applied to facilitate the thread-winding process.

With our spiral-wound paper cores, we have the ability to combine different types of materials into a unique core structure that provides superior mechanical strength and allows easy takeup during the winding process. This is done while still maintaining close dimensional tolerances.

Thermal Media Cores

Paramount Tube’s thermal media cores are more than just a simple tube. Our high-quality tubes won’t break or jam and are reliable for everyday use.


  • ID: .500″ to 2″
  • Wall Thicknesses: .006″ to .175″
  • Lengths: .250″ to 240″

Additional features include:

  • High dimensional core tolerances
  • Smooth, blemish-free outer surfaces
  • Uniform wall thicknesses
  • Full length or pre-cut sizes
  • Notched or plain ends on pre-cut cores
  • Burr-free inner surfaces to facilitate loading on cutting equipment
  • Ability to print desired product identification directly on the product

Cushion Cores

Our cushion core technology was developed in answer to the growing demand of our customers to provide a solution to eliminate wrinkling of substrates in end-use applications. Designed to have “give” in the outside diameter, this innovation helps to minimize scrap and downtime in re-winding.

We also have a unique ability to provide solid, flat end closures on both our extruded and paper core support products.

We offer our plastic and paper cores with …

  • a wide range of standard and custom colors for paper and plastic products
  • high dimensional tolerances on length, ID, and OD
  • smooth outer surfaces for winding thin materials
  • printed outer plies
  • custom engineering to meet specific application parameters
  • leak-proof plastic end closures
  • full or pre-cut lengths