Superior Insulation with Heat Shrink Polyester Tube

Precision Products Group (PPG) offers a wide variety of plastic tubes and sleeves to provide superior insulation for multiple applications. Our heat shrink tubing is made from polyester materials that offer a high level of strength, durability, and chemical resistance – capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 130° Celsius.

Each of our heat shrink tubes is custom fabricated and designed to meet the unique demands of your custom applications. These applications may include…
  • Automotive
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Lines
  • Brakes for Aerospace Use
These superior heat shrink tubing insulation products are typically made from Mylar®, Hostaphan®, Melinex®, and Skyrol®. Each of these polyester products is of the highest quality, and provides unmatched durability and resistance.

For more information about the materials, applications, and benefits of heat shrink mylar/polyester tubing from PPG,contact us today.

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