Spiral Wound Tubing Provides Superb Resilience

Spiral wound tubing is a fantastic way to get the tube parts that you need with the resilience and strength that our unique process brings to the table. First invented by Martin Stone, the spiral-wound process is created by wrapping several strips of plastic or paper materials together. This gives the tube a much more durable foundation. Here at PPG, we’ve taken this design and applied it to every solution that we work on.
Another massive benefit to the spiral-wound tubing process is that we can get superb dimensional accuracy for your solution. With internal diameter discrepancy within plus or minus 0.002″, you can be sure that our tubes will be a sure fit for your insulation or packaging needs. We offer a whole host of material choices and finishes to top off your tubes with everything you need.
If you’d like additional information on our spiral-wound tubing process or any of our other products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our representatives are more than happy to talk with you and show you exactly why a spiral-wound tubing solution for Precision Products Group is the best choice for all your tubing requirements.

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