Spiral-Wound Tubing in both Paper and Plastic

Paper and plastic tubes that have excellent insulating properties of dielectric strength, heat resistance, oil or grease resistance, or cut-through resistance are not easily made. PPG is a leading manufacturer of precision tube products including spiral-wound tubing. Spiral wound tubing allows for the combination of materials to achieve superior characteristics like those mentioned above.

By wrapping several laminations of adhesive-coated materials over a mandrel, these precisely made tubes offer unique features to withstand the environment your product will face. Our tightly controlled tolerances are held for as close as:

  • ID: +/- 0.002”
  • OD: +/- 0.005”

This gives you the confidence to design products with close spacing issues. Fabrication options include slotting, notching, flared ends, and more. Spiral-wound tubing solutions by PPG are innovative designs tailored to your specific application.

Contact us for a sample, to request a quote, or to simply ask us a question about our capabilities and how we can help you.

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