Spiral-Wound Tubing Manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer with years of experience with creating spiral-wound tubing isn’t that easy. Lucky for you, you’ve found us. We’ve worked closely with many companies over the years in order to come up with the perfect tubing solution for their needs. Since we specialize in all things tubes, our capabilities to come up with the exact design are huge. Some of these capabilities include…

  • Extruded tubing – Available in multiple plastic forms including high-impact polystyrene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyamide nylon to name a few.
  • Spiral-wound paper tubing – A wide range of materials are available, such as dielectric Kraft paper, vulcanized fibre and decorative papers. We can also make combination materials, and we can provide printing and striping as an added service.
  • Spiral-wound plastic tubing – Mylar®, Kapton® and Nomex® tube fall within this category. Lengths of up to 120” and wall thickness ranging between 0.001” to 0.40” are possible.
  • High Temperature tubing – Electrical grade materials that meet or exceed UL listing to provide superior protection of electrical wiring.

We can customize our solution with additional options also. Simply contact us today, and we’ll get started as soon as

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