Spiral Wound Tubing for Industries All Over America

Spiral-wound tubing is an intricate process that can create plastic and paper tubes with a strength that most people wouldn’t think possible. Here at PPG, we’ve put this technique to good use with the variety of products and services that we offer. No matter if you’re looking for battery sleeve insulation, protective packaging, ampoule packaging, thermal media cores, or any of the other tube related products, we’re positive that it can find spiral-wound useful.

We have a giant variety of materials that can be used to create our spiral-wound tubes with. Each material has properties that make it a superior choice depending on the application that it’s being used for. We have options for electrical, thermal, chemical, mechanical, and environmental requirements. All of this can be in the exact width, length, and diameters that you need, as well.

Find out more on why we’re the company that America turns to when they need spiral-wound tubing solutions. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you today. Contact us, and we’ll gladly schedule a meeting where we can discuss all of the options you have, and answer any questions also.

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