Spiral-Wound Tubing for Every Industry

Serving numerous industries throughout the years has given Precision Products Group immense experience in spiral-wound tubing solutions. From fabrication methods to material combinations our spiral-wound tubing capabilities have expanded to meet our customers’ needs. With over 70,000 custom solutions, you gain the ideal partner in plastic and paper spiral-wound tubing engineering and construction.

We have a seasoned engineering team ready to tackle your most difficult paper or plastic tube dilemma. From single-layer to multi-layer tubing solutions we will create the optimal product for your specific need. We work in paper materials such as vulcanized fibre, dielectric kraft, and parchment. And with plastic materials like heat shrink polyester, polyimide, and polystyrene, we have access to the resources needed to fabricate the correct solution to your tubing problems.

We make your ideas take shape. Let our history of success become a valued asset to your business. Contact PPGtoday to leverage our capabilities and strengthen and grow your business.

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