Spiral-Wound Tubing for your Business

Creating high-strength, spiral wound tubing solutions is what Precision Products Group exceeds at. With our many years of experience in working in diverse industries, we are able to bring a certain level of expertise to every project. We will create the best possible tubing design for your product.

Our spiral wound tubing solutions can protect your products from:

  • Water
  • Damage due to vibration
  • Crushing

We are also able to handle the most sensitive items. One of our specialized applications is ampoule packaging. An ampoule is a glass vile, and with the slightest amount of pressure it can break or burst. Our team of experts have designed and created a specialized packaging solution that can house the ampoule safely, and also allow for crushability if desired.

Let Precision Products Group develop a packaging solution for you using our spiral wound tubing.

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