Spiral-Wound Tubes Provide Great Strength and Durability

Tubes have a vast number of applications. They’re great for pretty much everything from being a base to wind things around to being a fantastic way to protect your goods. While simple in design, not all tubes are created equally. Here at PPG, we’ve created a superior tubing product with our unique spiral-wound process. This brings many advantages to the table that a standard tube can’t even compare to.

The spiral-wound process creates a tube that has a phenomenally stronger resistance to crushing, disfiguring, and other problems that can crop up with your standard process. It also allows us to easily create our tubes out of just about any material your application needs. Are you facing down an insulation need? We can easily create a tube using the dielectric or thermal materials strong enough to resist the electricity and heat you’re putting out.

We have the capabilities to create tubes in just about any length, width, and diameters that you need. We pride ourselves on being able to create our spiral-wound tubes to within a .002” internal diameter with outer diameter to within .005”. This is dependant on the materials used, but is pretty consistent across the majority of our solutions.Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the exact specifications that we can provide for your requirements.

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