Spiral-Wound Tubes from PPG

We here at PPG have grown and developed a rich history when it comes to designing and developing spiral-wound tubing solutions. The entire concept of spiral-wound tubing was invented by Marvin Stone in 1888, and it has been an integral part of our business ever since. We have been working on expanding our capabilities since then, and have come to serve well over 900 clients with over 70,000 different customer engineered parts.

We make both spiral-wound paper and plastics solutions.

  • Paper tubing – Our spiral-wound paper tubes come in a variety of materials and specifications. Our materials range from dielectric Kraft and fish paper (vulcanized fibre) to parchment and decorative foils. Cutting, slitting, and notching machining options and custom shapes are also available.
  • Plastic tubing – Our plastic tubing materials include; heat shrink polyester (Mylar®), polyimide (Kapton®), polystyrene naphthalene film (PEN). When you need dielectric resistance and physical toughness, our ultrathin PET lay-flat tubing delivers.

We specialize in custom tubing solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements. Even multi-layering of different material types is well within our capabilities. Our mastery of over 100 materials and our history of success have established us as one of the leading spiral-wound tubing manufacturers. We are dedicated to excellent quality of product and comprehensive customer service.

Contact us today, and watch your ideas take shape and turn into reality.

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