Spiral-Wound Tubes for Insulation and Packaging

When it comes to obtaining the best paper or plastic tubing on the market today, you should partner with the folks that are at the top of the industry. We here at Precision Products Group have been creating and refining our spiral-wound tubing process since our inception. By utilizing the physics behind the spiral-wound process, we can create tubing that can hold up under a lot more pressure and stress.

We can also create the tubes out of a vast number of materials and material combinations. Depending on the needs, they’ll be able to provide insulating properties against electrical, thermal, chemical, mechanical, or normal environmental conditions. That covers pretty much everything an insulator would require!

That’s not all they can do, either. We can create these amazing paper and plastic tubes as protective packaging inserts and other packaging uses. Simply contact us today, and we’ll talk with you about your needs and how we can be a perfect fit.

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