Spiral-Wound Solutions for Many Industries

Producing trustworthy products that rely on spiral-wound tubing is what Precision Products Group excels at. We have a wealth of experience working in a diverse set of industries that we bring to bear to every project. Depending on your application, we will identify the optimal design for consistent product function.

  • Healthcare, Dental & Medical industries depend on our paper tubing solutions to safely transport single-use ampoules for patient care and life sustaining procedures.
  • Electrical, electronics & automotive industries rely on our insulative spiral-wound tubing solutions to provide high temperature and arc resistance for dependable and safe product use.
  • Defense contractors trust our efficient and cost saving designs to properly deliver ordinance or actuate proper flare function to safeguard our nation’s interests and its elite fighting force – around the world.

To learn more about the capabilities we can bring to your specific project, contact us today.

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