The Source of Spiral-Wound Tubing for All Kinds of Applications

When it comes to spiral-wound tubing, few names have as much clout across multiple industries as PPG. It stands to reason. Spiral-wound tubing was invented by the founder of one of our sister companies back in the 1920s, and though the process of making it hasn’t changed much since then, we’ve been extending its applications steadily over the years.

Today we manufacture a wide array spiral-wound tubing products. They include …

  • battery tubes for medical, military, and custom applications
  • breathing tubes
  • gun-barrel tubes
  • protective packaging
  • transformer tubes
  • motor insulation
  • core support tubes for winding thread bobbins, dental floss, papers, and fine fabrics
  • ampoule packaging for medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • thermal transfer-ribbon cores
  • evacuator tips for medical practitioners
  • heat-stabilized PET
  • mailing tubes
  • rocket tubes
  • extruded tubes

From one industry to another, PPG spiral-wound tubing is widely recognized for its …

  • dielectrical strength
  • heat resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • mechanical cut-through and abrasion resistance
  • resistance to negative environmental conditions
  • dimensional accuracy and tightly controlled tolerances
  • special finishing properties, such as slotting, notching, flared ends, and printed tubes

Contact Precision Products Group today, and see for yourself why so many industries consider us the source for all their spiral-wound tubing needs.

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