Robust Dielectric Insulation Tubing Solutions

When you need a dielectric insulation tubing solution, the number of materials to choose from can be daunting. We specialize in designing custom tubing solutions aimed at answering your specific environmental and operational concerns. We will collaborate with your team of engineers to create the ideal solution to your dielectric insulation problems.

Our experience and background in tubing spans decades of success. Develop a partnership with PPG and you will gain a valuable asset to your business. Our paper and plastic tubing solutions are driven by innovation and our dedicated leadership. No project is too big or complex for our capable team.

We routinely meet tolerances of 0.005″ and can manufacture tubes up to 20 ft. in length. We meet UL listing parameters, when needed, with ease and minimize tube collapse with our “bow” fabrication techniques. Kapton, Mylar, heat-shrinkable Mylar, ABS plastic, vulcanized fibre are just the beginning of the vast list of materials we are well-versed in.

Do you have questions? Great! We would be glad to answer them. Contact us today.

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