Reinforce your Protective Packaging with our Tubes

Protective packaging is a necessity when it comes to shipping goods any distance. That being said, the costs of shipping are always on the rise. You need to come up with a solution that helps you to reduce the weight of your packaging, but yet is sturdy enough to make sure the product makes it to its destination completely unscathed. That’s where our protective packaging tubes come into play.

By utilizing our spiral-wound technology, we can create square and rectangular tubes that are a stronger support than wood while remaining lighter than foam. Placed next to your product in its box will allow you to fill in blank spots to help prevent movement, as well as create a package that is extremely sturdy. One of the best parts is that the tubes are fully recyclable. Nothing goes to waste with our protective packaging solutions.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. We’ll gladly sit down with you and talk about your packaging requirements, and then we’ll come up with the perfect solution for your situation.

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