Protective Packaging Tubes that are Stronger than Wood and Lighter than Foam

Have you been using wood, foam, or metal blocks or inserts inside your shipping packages to protect them from being crushed? While an excellent idea, as no client would be happy with damage products or parts, wood and metal inserts are heavy. This increases your shipping costs, and can be a barrier when competing with rivals. Foam is much lighter, but is not biodegradable and can still face damage.

So what alternatives do you have? Paper! Now before you close the window, hear us out. Here at PPG, we’ve had over thirty years of designing and developing the best tubes in the industry. Our spiral-wound process will create a protective packaging tube insert that is stronger than wood, but yet remains lighter than foam. A win-win for everyone involved! You get to lower your shipping costs and pass on the savings to your customers, and they get a 100% biodegradable packaging solution that will get them their products in one piece.

Use our spiral-wound protective packaging tubes as inserts, rails, and spacers. Start saving money and getting better protection today. With square, rectangular and the standard round tubes available, we’re sure we have something that will work for your containers. Contact us to find out more details on how we can help you.

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