Protective Packaging Tubes for Shipping Valuables

Why protective packaging tubes? Wouldn’t a good, heavy box be enough? Well, let’s do a little pretending and say you have

  • a priceless work of art by a renowned Renaissance painter that needs shipping to a museum for restoration.
  • fragile clay tablets with cuneiform inscriptions that must be packed and transported from an archaeological dig in Mesopotamia.
  • an exquisite, one-of-a-kind set of etched glassware to ship to a customer.
  • precious family heirlooms from an estate closing that must be sent to the beneficiaries.
  • an expansive collection of old photographs to send to a relative.
  • a sampling of peaches to get to a fruit-of-the-month-club subscriber.

No matter how exotic or mundane the valuables you need to ship, the fact that they’re rare, fragile, or in some way valuable to someone means they need shipping protection. Sure, a heavy, corrugated cardboard box is advisable. But even the heaviest boxes can be dented, crushed, and poked through. And if you’re shipping multiple items or individual pieces of something in one container, you probably don’t want them shifting around and bumping into or scraping against each other.

Protective packaging tubes from PPG are the answer.

These are spiral-wound tubes in square, round, or rectangular configurations. We custom-craft them in various lengths and wall thicknesses to address the widest possible range of needs.

Used as rails or spacers, they separate items and restrict their movement within a container.

Used as beams and corner posts, they not only prevent cartons from buckling and getting crushed but also afford shipped items some protection from carton punch-throughs.

If you’d like to know more about how our protective packaging tubes can protect your goods during shipment, contact Precision Products Group.

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