Protective Packaging Tubes are Also Great for the Environment

Protecting your products during shipment is what every company wants to ensure. After all, damage during transit usually results in returned products and the need to replace them for the client. This adds to your costs, and takes out time that could be used to work on other clients’ orders. You want to make sure that your protective packaging is the right quality for the job.

Our spiral-wound tubing process makes for the perfect protective packaging supplement. The spiral-winding allows for the tube to be stronger than wood while remaining lighter than foam. This helps to not only keep your products safe, but it also helps reduce the weight of your containers which might save you some shipping costs. You clients will not only be happy that they’re getting their parts and products in one piece, but they’ll be ecstatic that they can save money.

Since the tubes are made of paper or plastic, they’re also fully recyclable. This helps make the world a better place, and allows you to give your clients one more reason to partner with you. Contact us today, and we’ll answer any questions that you have. We’ll go into all the details and the shapes and sizes that are available to you.

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