Protective Packaging with Spiral-Wound Tubes

It can be difficult to find packaging material that is light-weight but still strong. Kraft square and rectangular protective tubing from Precision Products Group Inc., is stronger than wood but lighter than foam. Kraft packaging is custom-designed to provide carton support during shipment and stacking.

A series of rails and spacers help separate products and limit their movement during shipping. Kraft packaging also features high-strength beams to prevent the package from buckling during transit. All-in-all this packaging system eliminates the need for expensive additional support materials such as wood, foam, or straps. But how do these lightweight materials get their strength? Spiral winding.

These custom-designed and manufactured tubes are spiral-wound, which provides unparalleled strength and mobility. By winding several different materials together that might not be as strong on their own, Precision Products Group is able to provide a product that is both sturdy and easy to maneuver.

Typically, spiral-wound protective packaging is used to ship…

  • Photographic printing plates
  • Blinds and window treatments
  • Glass objects and windows
  • Furniture and cabinets

However, PPG’s protective packaging materials have find use in the commercial industry as well. In point-of-purchase displays, as supports for shelves and display bases, and as pallet runners and decking – where conventional wood pallets are prohibited – these packaging materials are being used for a variety of purposes.

For more information on how spiral-wound protective packaging materials from PPG can benefit you, contact us today.

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