Protective Packaging Solutions for Shipping

You need your product to arrive at its destination in the same condition it left your factory. A comprehensive protective packaging solution in essence protects your product from damage. Precision Products Group can create virtually any packaging requirement you need.

Here is a list of commonly used materials for manufacturing a custom protective packaging solution for you.

Materials include:

  • Kraft/Mylar® paper
  • Foil liner paper
  • Grease-proof paper
  • Corrosion prevention paper
  • Glassine paper, and many more!

No matter your application, be it custom mailing and shipping tubes or protective coverings for ampoules and other fragile objects, PPG can make it. Packaging tubes used for exterior applications eliminate the need for secondary materials like strapping and angle board, saving you money and providing you with superior handling characteristics.

Our track record speaks for itself; over 100 different made-to-order material specifications and 900+ customers. Contact us, we have successfully engineered and delivered quality protective packaging solutions time and time again. Discover what we can invent for you today.

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