Protective Packaging That Fits Your Singular Needs

Whether you manufacture or distribute one product or variety of products, you want to make sure they’re delivered to your customers in top condition. One-size-fits-all packaging won’t work. You need protective packaging that’s geared specifically to the products you sell. And PPG’s either got it or can make it for you!

Our protective packaging can be designed exclusively for shipment or commercial display – or both. It consists of spiral-wound tubing, either square, rectangular, or round, and custom-crafted in various lengths and wall thicknesses. Just tell us what you want; we’ll accommodate you. And we’ll do it in ways you might not expect from any other protective packaging supplier.

The primary function of our protective packaging tubes is to provide carton support for shipping and stacking. These tubes can be used as rails and spacers to separate product and restrict its movement within a carton. Or they can be used as beams or corner posts to prevent a carton from buckling and getting crushed. This is of obvious necessity if you ship expensive, rare, or fragile items such as glassware, heirlooms or historical artifacts, photographic printing plates, or sensitive gauges and other instruments.

Whatever it is you need in the way of protective packaging, and whatever the use you intend to put it, our experts can provide you with unique, versatile, and highly cost-effective solutions.

Contact Precision Products Group today. If you’d like to know more about our protective packaging, we can send you samples. And we can show you precisely how our protective packaging expertise can be put to your singular use!

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