Protective Ampoule Packaging in a Large Variety of Materials

Ampoules have uses in a wide number of industries. They’re used primarily in the healthcare field (medical, dental, and pharmaceuticals), but they can also be found in the cosmetics field and many others. We utilize our spiral-wound tubing technique to create the best ampoule packaging around. This has helped many companies over the years to successfully ship and store their products safely, and we’re positive it can help you also.

However, we can not only create protective packaging for your ampoules, we can also create crushable packaging as well. This allows certain product vials to be safely smashed in order to apply the liquid easily and quickly. One example of this is testing swabs for testing purposes. We’ve had a lot of experience with these types of solutions, and we’re sure that we have something that you’re going to want to incorporate into your design.

Our ampoule packaging comes in many material types, and the right type will be used for your application. This can include a separate outer wrap and inner liner. This lets you to print on the outside for identification purposes, while still maintaining grease or chemical resistance on the inside. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with all of your ampoule packaging needs.

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