Protect your Shipments with Packaging Tubes from PPG

Shipping your goods across the country can be a bit of a nervous endeavor. You want to ensure that your products arrive at their destination in one piece and without any blemishes that occurred from the shipping process. This is why protective packaging is such an important aspect of the sales process. After all, damaged goods mean unhappy customers and wasted profits after you have to replace or repair the problem.

Here at PPG, we specialize in spiral-wound tubes. We’ve found that this has a dual purpose when it comes to helping our clients with their protective packaging needs. The tubing is typically lighter than most normal foam inserts, but their structural integrity makes it so that they are stronger than wood. This gives you the best of both worlds, as you have a lower shipping weight and yet retain the protection that your clients deserve.

Contact us, and we’ll get you set up with a meeting to go over the different styles of protective packaging we can provide to you. No matter if you need inserts, supports, or just a standard shipping tube, we’ve got you covered. Put our expertise in all things spiral-wound to work for you today.

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