Protect Electrical Wiring with Motor Insulation Tubes

When you want reliable motor insulation tubes, you can count on PPG. Our motor insulation tubs are made of specially bonded polyester, polyamide formulation. With spiral-wound paper tubing, it provides excellent protection to your wiring whether it’s…

  • Electrical insulation
  • Mechanical insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • And environmental insulation

From battery cable protectors to wire splice insulation, we can create the exact solution to serve your business needs. Add resistance to cut-through at splices and wear from abrasion due to vibration common to motor use. Although automotive clients will benefit the most from our superior motor insulation tubes, any industry utilizing motor can profit.

We manufacture to high tolerances with:

  • ID of 0.26″ to 2.000″
  • Wall thickness of 0.0015″ to 0.012″
  • Length of up to 36.000″

Contact PPG today and our engineers will partner with you to provide the motor insulation tubing solution your business needs to succeed.

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