Plastic Tubing Solutions with High Performance Films

Our plastic tubing capabilities are far reaching because of our use of high performance films. Sure, everyone has high performance films such as Mylar, Kapton, and Nomex. But, when we put decades of manufacturing know-how and our massive facilities to work, few can match our results.

Virtually any laminate can be used or combined to create a specialty extruded or spiral-wound tubing solution to your…

  • packaging problems
  • high temperature problems
  • mechanical strength challenges
  • dielectric insulating challenges, and more!

With various production options such as sealed-ends, thermal-formed ends, and printing for product identification; we have you covered. Visit the following pages for more on our tubing capabilities:

To learn even more, request a sample, or ask us a question; there’s only one thing to do. Contact PPG.

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