Phenolic Paper

Phenolic tubing is produced from a dielectric Kraft paper that has been pre-impregnated with a special Phenolic resin and cured to the Class “B” stage. After forming, the tubes are baked to complete the resin cure. In this process, the Phenolic and the special adhesive coalesce to form a complete homogenous product. Phenolic tubing has excellent mechanical strength as well as good electrical properties. Strength for strength, Phenolic tubing provides a much thinner wall than Kraft alone. Phenolic tubing will also hold its shape better than Kraft; particularly under humid conditions. Phenolic tubing is excellent for fabrication purposes. For more information, see Phenolic tubing Bulletin #7.


  • Square / Rectangular
    • .130” sq. to 10.000” sq. to 10′
    • .056” x .317” to 10.012” x 11.571 to 10′
  • Round
    • .127” to 12.250” ID to 48″ baked or 12h’ not baked


  • Rigidity
  • Holds shape under humid conditions
  • 40% stronger than Kraft alone

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