Paper and Plastic Ampoule Packaging that Meet your Needs and Requirements

As one of the top fabricators of quality paper and plastic tube packaging for glass ampoule manufacturers, PPG delivers. Our commitment to excellence and vast manufacturing capabilities are at your disposal. So whether you are in the medical/pharmaceutical, cosmetics or even dental fields we have the knowledge and facilities to help you.

Our expertise in these fields shows we know the processes that need to be strictly followed to produce a safe and conforming plastic tube packaging solution for your glass ampoules. Manufacturers of glass ampoules need the ability to confidently ship their product. No matter the production volume or stringent specifications and we complement your glass ampoule with a custom-designed plastic tube packaging solution manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities.

If you’re in need of paper or plastic tube packaging for your glass ampoules for dental/chemical drug test kits or cosmetics we will design a custom solution to meet your packaging needs. For more information about our manufacturing capabilities or questions about our line of plastic tube packaging capabilities, contact us today.

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