Other Insulation


  • Pipeline insulation
    • Components for Isolation Flange Kits
  • Battery sleeve insulation

Battery Sleeve Insulation

Paramount Tube has a long history of supplying some of the world’s leading battery manufacturers with battery sleeving and battery end caps solutions. We offer the products and the packaging with the protection your products depend on. Our available materials can be enhanced through our internal printing, notching and forming, spooling and ultrasonic sealing capabilities. Let us design a custom battery sleeve or battery end cap for your application.


  • Polyester Shrinkable Sleeving
  • Polyamide (Nomex®)
  • Nomex® / PET Combination
  • Polyimide (Kapton®)
  • Electrical Kraft

Special Material Properties

  • Polyimide for extreme heat resistant use
  • Polyester with dielectric barrier
  • Kraft materials for flame or moisture retardant use

For more information on our battery sleeve insulation, battery end caps and battery sleeving, contact the Paramount Tube team.