OEM-Quality Thermal Media Core Products

Precision Products Group (PPG) is a world-class manufacturer of spiral-wound tubing solutions including thermal media core products. Whether your business needs a thermal media core for its legacy bar code label maker or a more economical OEM-quality replacement core, PPG has the capabilities.

Our driving belief is that designing and manufacturing products that meet, and many times exceed, their requirement is the measure of our success. Since 1980, this philosophy has guided our team to produce superior extruded andspiral-wound tubing products.

Take a look at our Thermal Media Core page and you’ll see why:

  • Burr-free, smooth outer surface for trouble-free replacement and function
  • ID as small as 0.5” and wall thickness as little as 0.006”
  • Product identification codes for easy ordering and inventorying

Contact PPG for samples, answers to questions, and additional information.

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