Nomex Tubes: Types 410 & 411

Precision Products Group is an industry leader in paper and plastic tubing fabrication. We work with a wide variety of materials including aramid paper tubing or Nomex tube construction. Nomex tube construction offers many insulating characteristics that make it a favored material in flame-resistant applications.

Characteristics of our Nomex tube:

  • Will not melt or combust with a service temperature range of  -80C to 220C
  • Dielectric strength of 500 volts/mil at 25C and 180C and 60 cycles
  • Excellent resistance to Freon and ordinary industrial solvents, varnishes, and acid and bases

We also have the capabilities to combine Nomex with virtually any of our plastic films, papers, or substrates; adding them to the spiral wound process. We can create the exact products to satisfy your specific design specifications. Through collaborative engineering we will identify the best solution to your paper or plastic tube problem.

Contact us today for more information on the ideal Nomex tube solution for your business needs.

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