Nomex Tube

  • Tubing of Nomex® will operate continuously at 220ºC in UL recognized systems. It does not support combustion and has excellent chemical and radiation resistance.
    • Flame-resistant
    • Corona Resistance
    • tear and puncture resistance
    • resistant to fungus & bacteria
    • resistant to ordinary industrial solvents, varnishes, acid and bases
  • Nomex® Spiral wound tubing dimensions:
    • Round:    .060″-2″ ID
    • Square/ Rectangular:   1″ – 100″
  • Nomex®Spiral wound tubing:
    • Capacitor core tubes
    • Transformer core tubes
    • Insulator tubes

Download and review the complete technical specifications in our PDF Bulletin #9.

For more information about the materials, applications, and benefits of our spiral wound Nomex® Tube contact PPG.