Motor Insulation

Motor customers count on us to provide custom-made electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental insulation tubes necessary to protect electrical connections in motors. These tubes include spiral-wound PET and plastic combination products.

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Common types of motor insulation tubes include:

  • PET NS (No Shrink) polyester outside with PET HS (Heat Shrink) polyester inside
  • Tube shrinks around the splice protecting the connection with an air pocket
  • PET NS polyester outside with Nomex® and HS polyester inside
  • Features a thermal upgrade (155° C) plus cut-through protection
  • PET HS polyester outside with extruded polyethylene tube inside
  • Designed as a lower-cost alternative to a heavy-wall (.012″) with an all HS tube
  • PET HS polyester outside with extruded Zytel (nylon) inside
  • Provides superior cut-through protection


Features of our motor insulation tubes include:

  • Low extractable levels below 2%, making them ideal for hermetic applications such as air conditioners, refrigerators and more
  • Ability to resist cut-through at splice connections
  • Ability to resist wear from abrasion due to vibration on crossover and lead-wire insulation 


We manufacture our automotive tubes with high-quality materials such as:

  • Specially bonded and spiral-wound polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Polyimide formulation


  • ID: .026″ to 6.000″
  • Wall Thicknesses: .0015″ to .012″
  • Lengths: up to 36.000″

For more information on the materials, applications and benefits of our motor insulation products, view our Motor Insulation PDF or contact the Paramount Tube team with any questions.