Motor Insulation with Heat Shrink Mylar

Although Precision Products Group Inc., (PPG) serves a variety of industries, it’s our automotive customers that look to us for a variety of spiral-wound, PET, Mylar heat shrink tubes, sleeves, and plastic combination tubes. These products are primarily used in providing electrical, mechanical, thermal, and environmental insulation that’s necessary in protecting the electrical connections in motors.

More specifically, our automotive products are used in applications such as…

  • Electric motor armature shaft spacers and insulators
  • Battery capable protectors
  • Heat shield dielectric barriers
  • Lead wire insulation
  • Coil forms (for starters and alternators)
  • Wire splice insulation
  • Slot insulators and liners

All of our motor insulation tubes are made of a specifically bonded and spiral-wound polyester, polyamide, and polyimide formulation making them extremely durable and efficient. The heat shrink Mylar provides unparalleled protection. Some of the main features of our insulation tubes include…

  • Low extractable levels – below 2% – making them ideal for hermetic applications such as air conditioners and refrigerators
  • The ability to resist cut-through at splice connections
  • The ability to resist wear from abrasion due to vibration on crossover and lead-wire insulation

For more information on the materials, applications, and benefits of Precision Product Group’s spiral-wound, heat-shrink Mylar insulation tubes, contact us today.

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