Breathing tubeWe’re a market leader in rigid tube technology for the medical industry, producing everything from medical-related packaging, such as protective ampoule packaging, to tube components used in medical procedures.

In producing these products, like our ecologically-friendly breathing tubes for medical practitioners and evacuator tips for the dental industry, we follow strict clean room and FDA-approved manufacturing procedures.

Our partnership with many pharmaceutical, medical device, and other medical/dental-related companies ensures that the innovative spiral-wound tube solutions we provide uniquely benefit healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

Breathing Tubes

We manufacturer breathing tubes – disposable mouthpieces – for use in various medical devices, including:

  • Spirometers
  • Peak flow meters
  • Pulmonary function testing equipment

Our paper breathing tubes are a great option for medical practitioners looking to use environmentally-friendly products. Not only are our breathing tubes ecologically-friendly, but they are made with paper materials that have the look and feel of plastic — a look no competitor’s breathing tubes replicate.

Our breathing tubes are:

  • Made of FDA-approved paper materials — as found in other unique medical products
  • Disposable, for single-patient use only
  • Produced following clean room and FDA-approved manufacturing processes

Features include:

  • Round or oval shapes
  • All sizes to fit any brand of pulmonary function equipment
  • All white paper or composite papers
  • Custom colors for easy identification
  • Printing/advertising (re-order info, logos, etc.) on inside
  • Custom packing quantities in sealed bags of 50, 100 or 500

Ampoule Protecting Packaging

Our ampoule protective packaging solutions can be made of extruded plastic, formed-end tubes or spiral-wound paper packaging tubes. It is an industry favorite for a variety of single-use packaging and/or dispensing operations.


Common industry applications include:

  • Medical diagnostics, chemical drug tests, adhesives and first-aid preparations
  • Dental general use
  • Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Cosmetic general use


Sometimes a single material isn’t enough to provide effective protective packaging. We offer a number of material combinations to create descriptive outer wraps and special liners including:

  • Polyester films
  • Aluminum foils
  • Acetates
  • Grease-proof papers
  • USP and FDA-grade resins and papers


  • Providing a moisture barrier liner
  • Preventing leakage
  • Offering chemical resistance where needed
  • Open or formed ends that can also be designed to fit an existing closure or application

Evacuator Tips

Designed for use primarily by the dental industry, our suction and evacuator tip devices are made under strict ISO standards from FDA-approved materials — either clear shatterproof plastic or paper.

Features include:

  • Edges are smooth and clean, with no flash or parting lines.
  • Evacuator tips are non-sterile, available in assorted lengths, and designed to fit all standard evacuator hose ends, enabling maximum suction performance.
  • Clear evacuator tips permit visual monitoring of suction fluids.
  • The straight handle design permits better control.
  • All suction products are designed for convenient, disposable, single-patient use.
  • Paper evacuator tips offer an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tips.

For more information on our precision tube products for the medical market, contact us. To get started on your medical tubing needs, request a custom quote.