Material Focus: Nomex® Tubing

Paper tubing has a lot of material choices with Nomex® among them. When temperature concerns are top-most when looking for an insulator, Nomex® tubing is the material for you.

Description of Nomex®
Nomex® tubing is a polyamide paper tube exhibiting superb high-temperature properties up to 220 degrees Celsius, and dielectric properties of 720 VPM min. with 50% humidity. It also has a dielectric constant at 1,000 Hz of 2.9.

Product Specifications Available
Nomex® paper tubing fabricated by PPG is produced within the following parameters:

  • ID: 18 Ga. (0.046” to 1.625”) with tolerance =/- 0.005”
  • Wall thickness: 0.004” to 0.006” (Equal parts of Nomex® and NS PET, either 0.002” each or 0.003” each)
  • Lengths: Up to 36”

Typical Applications
Nomex® is an excellent insulator in high temperature situations where flame retardant properties are required.

  • Transformer forms
  • Continuous run motors
  • Heat insulator and shielding
  • Flame-proofing applications, and more…

Contact PPG with your paper Nomex® tubing design ideas and we will work together to create the best suited solution for you.

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