Learn about Our Spiral-Wound Product Production Prowess

Decades of manufacturing experience coupled with the desire to surpass our client’s needs is what sets Precision Products Group (PPG) above other spiral-wound tubing vendors. We specialize in plastic and paper spiral-wound tubing solutions for virtually any application.

Stringent manufacturing tolerances and our wide range of materials allows unequalled flexibility in creating the ideal paper tubing or plastic tubing product. For high-temperature environments we have Mylar® and dielectric Kraft, depending on your specific material requirements. By maintaining superior manufacturing standards and a drive to continually improve our processes, we have the history of success to prove we can help you.

From vulcanized fibre to Kapton® tubing we will provide the ideal spiral-wound tubing products for your design needs. We also offer custom printing, packaging and product stripping, just as you want.

Learn more, and discover how we can help you. Contact PPG with your questions, design issues, or just for product samples.

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