Heat Shrinkable Tubing in a Wide Range of Materials

Looking for a superior alternative to extruded tubing to insulate and protect vital components? We, at PPG, have designed heat shrinkable tubing with greater strength and tear resistance when compared to typical extruded tubing.

SuperTuff™ PET Heat Shrinkable Lay-Flat Tubing (Sleeving)

  • Tubes cut to any length with ID of 0.625” to 7.5”, and wall thickness as thin as 0.002”
  • Shrinks up to 35% in diameter and 20% in length
  • Delivers 7,700V dielectric strength
  • Resist chemicals and solvents
  • Operating temperature range is -60 to 130 degrees Celsius

Hundreds of applications can benefits from SuperTuff™’s protective properties.

  • Insulation in electrical motors and fuses
  • Encapsulation for cables
  • Specialty packaging for batteries and battery packs

Whether you are insulation electrical wiring or protecting fiber optics, our high-quality heat shrinkable tubing will get the job done. Contact us for additional information about SuperTuff™ PET Lay-flat sleeving or any of our excellent tubing products.

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